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  1. I

    Source Code KasperskyHook - Hook Windows system calls

    While researching Kaspersky components, I thought it was an interesting idea to write a custom project that lets me hook system calls by using Kaspersky's hypervisor to take a closer look at what it is doing. Instructions about how to compile and use are in this repo: iPower/KasperskyHook...
  2. CroLord

    Solved Sending mouse clicks to a window in background

    Hello guys, I'm trying to figure out how to send mouse clicks with different position than real cursor, to a window that is in background(not focused). I'm kind of half way there, I managed to send a click to the window in background but mouse click position is always at real cursor position...
  3. hound.c++

    Question What is up with the segments in x64dbg

    Hey everybody, I know this is probably a little dumb to ask but even after hours of researching I feel like I don't hit the green spot on this. My question is about the current use of segments on Windows 32 and 64 bit. Left pic is 64 bit, right is 32 bit so essentially I see these segment...
  4. SICGames88

    Source Code Robust D3D11 Dummy Creator with Interfaces C++

    I was looking through my Pixiebot code and was disguised. The code was so redundant. Over and over again, creating same lines of code. I took Rake's D3D11 x64 Present hook example. Also, the KoreWindow is fully customizable. So, this should be great for Dummy Window creation and dummy d3d11...
  5. Chosen

    Question Bypassing Windows Permissions?

    With the upcoming release of Minecraft Dungeons on the Microsoft Store, I've decided to do some digging. The game isn't released yet, but you can pre-download all of associated games files - when launching, you get the standard nag telling you to wait until the game's actual release. Through...
  6. XdarionX

    Question Vulnerable driver I/O access

    Hello, for a while I have been reversing ioctl dispatch routines of some drivers and the most interesting stuff I found was only access to in & out instructions. I can read and write arbitrary byte at arbitrary port. I heard that it may have an impact on security... but my question is how can it...
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