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  1. h4nsbr1x

    Source Code Cheat Engine 7.1 game: Mouse teleport hack for level 3

    This took me the best part of a day to get right. Things that ground my gears: GetCursorPos does some test to see if the pointer is writeable, but this check means it won't write to executable memory (even if it's also writeable). Fix: make some space on the stack Got properly Micro$hafted by...
  2. Hagrid

    Discuss More ways to detect SendInput

    Hello I am reading on the topic of sending input to an application and making it seems like it's a hardware input. I know that I could just write my own hardware driver, or maybe even make a raspberry pi controller that interfaces through a usb port and acts as a mouse (lol). But I have a more...
  3. LoopTurn

    Solved Linker 2019/unresolved external symbol error

    I have a program that is supposed to be able to scan game memory to get the memory address of a class. I had someone helping me who gave me the code and then told me to create the memory reader function. The linker gave me a 2019/unresolved external symbol error. I think this means it can't read...
  4. RyccoSN

    Source Code GH Debugme - Win32 app with anti-debugging techniques

    Yo, Just released v1 of guided-hacking/anti-debugging . It's a implementation of some anti-debugging techniques on a Win32 application. The idea is to cover most used anti-debugging methods, so feel free to drop a Pull Request anytime with a new anti-debugging method. Source Code
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