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  1. xNyu

    Solved Find class structures in memory with Ghidra and debugger?

    Hey guys, I struggle with finding class structures I see in Ghidra, in my actual debugger. The attached image are examples in Ghidra. I see a lot of those interesting titles (Lables, Classes, Namespaces...) and I want to find and read them. For example, finding the "Scene"-thingi in...
  2. Samb0

    Source Code RTTIDumper v1.3 - Run Time Type Information Dumper

    I present my source code for a small internal tool I've been working on. For those that don't know, RTTI means Run-time type information. It is the result of many hours of research and trying to understand memory layout as well as learning how to program in C++ effectively. This is a procedural...
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