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  1. GreenNightfall

    Solved Cheat Engine keep changing instruction

    Is it somehow possible to get around the Instrouction loop? Or is there any tutorial i can watch where this problem is inlcudet? Also there are no other accesses to the value (only the keep counting one)
  2. U

    Solved Opening Assault Cube with x32dbg

    Hello all. I have a question regarding opening assault cube with x32dbg. Basically it won't open. I jumped into the world of game hacking because I'm fascinated with reverse engineering and game hacking really came across with a very interesting challenge. Now, to my problem: I'm not very...
  3. Rake

    Solved What games detect VEH debuggers?

    Anyone know any games that detect VEH debugger like the cheat engine one? Need it to test something for @Traxin
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