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  1. Rake

    Tutorial RaptorFactor Archive - VAC Modules had a lot of good content regarding VAC (Valve AntiCheat) from 2010-2015, but the site has been down for quite some time. I'm going to archive the content in this thread. At this bottom of this first post you will find dumped VAC modules in the attachment VAC Module Overview...
  2. tappineapple

    Solved CSGO Engine.dll causes crash

    So I've been making an internal tf2 bunnyhop hack and something interesting that I've found is that if you try and read any data from engine.dll in a server (even if not vac secure) the game will crash. Does anyone know why this might be?
  3. 64humans

    Solved Spinbot causes vac error

    So I've been working on my cheat and implemented silent aim and spinbot. It works really well but after a minute of me starting to spin I get a VAC error and sometimes the "permanently untrusted" ban. Does this mean that my cheat is being detected or am I just writing to wrong angles and causing...
  4. 64humans

    Solved When using my hack I get VAC banned.

    I wrote a small multihack with bhop,antiflash,triggerbot,radarhack,glowhack and aimassist. I tried using it in deathmatch and immediately after I got VAC banned. Is this because I was full rage and VAC has some behaviour checks or because my hack is detectable? I wrote the big majority of the...
  5. N

    Solved Closest Enemy To Crosshair Sometimes Failing

    Hi, i've been working on an aimbot that snaps onto the closest target to my crosshair. It works ok but sometimes it snaps onto a wrong target/it ignores the closest target and snaps onto the second closest. Its on some places like the mid of dust 2 or pit at the end of banana on inferno. Does...
  6. N

    Solved I need help coding a Csgo Aimbot

    Hello, I am trying to code a csgo aimbot and I watched a couple of tutorials on it. I really liked the one Flepp made and he explained everything nicely but there is one thing that I don't understand. At the part when he made a function called "calcAngle" (tutorial 5/6) I got lost. I don't get...
  7. neonplanet

    Solved Does VAC IP ban?

    I have a account I play on, has over 1000 hours on it. I have NEVER cheated on this account because I would expect a ban. I believe I got banned because I opened csgo with cheat engine open, NOT ATTACHED to the process of csgo or steam w/e. VAC would proceed to kick me from servers saying...
  8. N

    Solved Python how to get module base addresses?

    Hey, I am trying to write a csgo cheat in python and everything is going well. The only issue I'm having, is that I can't seem to be able to get the base address of "client.dll" no matter what I try. I tried loading it with ctypes.WinDLL, win32process.EnumProcessModules...
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