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  1. S

    Solved How to WriteProcessMemory to UWP Application?

    Basically im trying to use Read/WriteProcessMemory on a UWP Application, IK its possible because Cheat Engine can do it >_< its acturally behaving really weird tbh. OpenProcess returns a single byte value (b0 / 20 / etc) and then the actural call to ReadProcessMemory returns 0x00, but if you do...
  2. timb3r

    Tutorial How to Hack UWP & Bypass Windows Store App Protection

    Game: Bubble Witch 3 Saga Developer: King Buy (It's free): Microsoft Store That's right kids: it's time. Time to bypass your first Anti-cheat and prove your skills as a novice game hacker. What you were expecting EAC or BE? "You are not ready for that......not even close". So I'm going to do...
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