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  1. Gloxinia

    Solved KIlling Floor 2 SDK

    I can't get PawnList in my SDK. As I understand it, the problem is that I did the dump incorrectly, because in the SDK 2018 I can easily get it. I'm asking someone to do a dump or share their own SDK because either the SDKGenerator has broken down over the years, or the SDK 2018 and my SDK are...
  2. MrManiak

    Tutorial Logging RPCs in UE4

    Pretty obvious stuff, but I felt like sharing this because of how useful it has been to me. Here's a way to get an instant overview of any UE4 game's networking. In UE4, every RPC calls UNetDrive:: ProcessRemoteFunction which is a virtual method. In the game I'm currently working with, the...
  3. M

    Tutorial How to Dump an Unreal Engine SDK

    Not really a tutorial, more of my method of doing stuff, might suck, might not, idk. Aight chalupas, Step 1. Find GObjects & GNames. Usually done using some pre-made sigs from the lovely people at UC. Can also be done by finding strings in the vicinity, all that good shit. Similarly, find...
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