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  1. Ahegao

    Tutorial How to easily make signatures for Unreal Engine 4 Games

    How to easily make signatures for Unreal Engine 4 Games Introduction: Hey guys so the reason that I am even making this "tutorial" is so that people who are interested in making anything to do with unreal engine will have some kind of information on collecting signatures as the resources for...
  2. HuniePop

    Solved Call UE2 Game Functions

    Hey fellow hackers I'm currently trying to figure out where to start when it comes to calling UE2 Game Functions through DLL Injection in C++. I understand that you need an address of the function, it's return type and parameters, however I can't seem to understand how to get these data. Is...
  3. Geronimo

    Solved UE4 - Variable to offset

    Hello! After the reply of timb3r on my latest post, I downloaded UE4 source code, and using IDA Pro I found GWorld (DataType: UWorldProxy), so that through that, I can later get the actual UWorld. Now, the issue that I have is that GWorld, seems to be a global variable, that on IDA looks like...
  4. Geronimo

    Solved UE4 - Confused about GNames and GObjects

    Hello! I am trying to understand GNames, GObjects and their place/functioning within the Unreal Engine, since they really confuse me. To be more specific, I dumped the list of GNames and GObjects (along with their names), in order to see the difference between the two arrays. What I see, is...
  5. TelepathicFart

    Solved Hooking and unhooking without crash

    Hi, I've been working on this project for a few weeks now and there's one thing that's still bugging me: my code randomly crash when I unhook. I think I understand why, but I can't find a reliable fix. What I do: - Thread hijack the game and inject my dll - Start a new thread in dllmain - Hook...
  6. Shryder

    Solved How to hook malloc?

    Hello, I'm trying to hook malloc so I can find allocations that are huge in my UE2.5 game in an attempt to find the GObjects and GNames array. This is what I tried so far but this doesn't let the game start. typedef void*(__stdcall* t_malloc)(size_t _Size); t_malloc oMalloc; void*...
  7. A

    Question Help for hacking android games based on Unreal Engine 4.

    All I found everywhere arr stuff related to hacking pc games using cheat engine.But what about android games , because cheat engine doesn't work for android games so we use game guardian.Also , all stuff related to android games are based on unity based games that is using il2cpp , what about...
  8. CorrM

    Unreal Finder Tool - Unreal SDK Generator - GObject GNames Finder 3.1.0

    About Unreal Finder Tool : it's tool to dump information from any unreal engine 4 game. it's useful for Find information like GObjects Array and GNames Array. this two arrays give u ability to generate SDK for the game. Where to get this tool : this tool are published as Source Code (C++), so...
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