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  1. S

    Solved Inject c++ dll into Phasmophobia?

    Hello I have a dll in c++ I want to inject into the game called Phasmophobia, but the problem is that every time I try using cheat engine it gives me errors and I'm assuming it's because its a Unity game. I read about mono injection in some of the other threads, but they use c#. Is this what I...
  2. xNyu

    Question C# Add System.Reflection assembly too Unity game

    Hey guys, there is this game I want to mod, at the moment I work on a dynamic mod loader, which is patched in Assembly-CSharp. It looks something like this: string curDir = (Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(); if (Directory.Exists(curDir + @"\Mods")){ string[] mods =...
  3. B

    Solved How to hack Unity WebGL games like SeaFight?

    Hello Forum, I'm currently trying to make an aimbot of sorts for a game called seafight, who recently went from Flash to Unity WebGL. At first I thought this would be an easy thing to do as I can write javascript easily. The shitty thing about this that I can't find any resources on unity...
  4. X

    Question The problem has been solved, please delete it!

    Game Name: Solitaire - Free Classic Solitaire Card Games Anticheat: No How long you been coding/hacking? : 2 Weeks Coding Language: C#...
  5. ezb266

    Tutorial How to get the address of a static variable in unity games.

    If you've been using il2cppdumper to dump an il2cpp game, you may notice that there are static variables with strange offsets (0x0, or some other shit). These are actually offsets relative to a different struct. In this guide I will show you how to get them. There are 2 files which il2cppdumper...
  6. ezb266

    Solved How do you get the address of a static field?

    Alright, so I am working on an Among Us hack, but this question kind of goes for all games. I have the Assembly-CSharp dll open in dnSpy and can see that there are some static fields which are part of a class (PlayerControl), and they appear to have their own offsets, one of them being "0x0", I...
  7. T

    Question Calling Mono functions from C++ Hook by name

    Hi all, So I have this IL2CPP game that I have the function names of. Currently I'm using ASI Hook to edit the game functions and call them to my will. However the game updated today, and as expected, all addresses have changed. In Cheat Engine I can go to Mono -> Dissect Mono and it will load...
  8. Kauv

    Tutorial How To Extract Meshes to Make a Minimap HUD

    I couldn't find much about texture/mesh ripping on the forum so I decided to throw together a post that may help some people or spark some ideas. This was done with a Unity game, I would hope this process would work for other game engines as well. This post is half tutorial, half case study...
  9. mrkinaujr

    Solved IL2CPP and Mono Injection

    Hello, i found a new Game today and saw it uses Unity and IL2CPP. I know how to make a internal Cheat in Unity Games but not if the Game is obfuscated with IL2CPP. Can i just use Mono Injection like before? Is there some Information about this already in the Forum?
  10. S

    Question Replacing functions in unity using reflection

    I am trying to make a cheat for Bean Battles. Bean Battles is a great unity game for beginner Unity hackers because: It's cheap ($1.20, $0.6 on sale) The code is not obfuscated (You can see the source code using dnspy without any reversing effort) It has no anti-cheat Modding the source code...
  11. drew6017

    Source Code Simple x64 External C Trampoline Hook

    What is a hook? You can read all about detours and trampoline hooks for x86 in this excellent article by Rake. It's a little different in x64 because we have to load the address we want to jump to into a register before actually jumping to it. The overall goal is to inject our code at a certain...
  12. mrkinaujr

    Solved Unity Chams invisible

    Hello, i am currently writing a Cheat for the game Ultimate Hardbass Defence. I wanted to make basic Chams using shaders in C#. I can see the enemies through the wall but as soon as i can see them directly they seem to go invisible sometimes. I am using the inbuild GUI API. Can somebody with...
  13. Syqao

    Tutorial How to Hack Unity Games Tutorial

    Intro: In this tutorial I will cover the thought process and execution of making a working cheat for over 30 different mini-games using a Unity game called Pummel Party. Over the next few weeks I aim to post a guide for one mini-game a day. Pummel Party: Pummel Party on Steam How does Unity...
  14. Syqao

    Source Code Bear, Vodka, Stalingrad Cheats - Aimbot ESP & More

    Ever wanted to be a soviet bear who's prime job is killing nazis and drinking vodka? Well either way here's a super 1337 cheat to help you kill nazis. SideNote: I've been away this weekend so made this entire cheat from teamviewer using my shitty laptop tablet thing to my home PC. So get off...
  15. Suphax

    Solved How can I invoke private methods with mono injected assembly

    I've been messing around with Mono injection lately, looking through dnSpy for interesting classes and methods, and any half decent methods are private (obviously for good reason). I've been googling around for a while, and checked various mono related tutorials and posts, and one post even...
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