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  1. T

    Solved NVIDIA Shadowplay as External Overlay

    Hi. The NVIDIA Shadowplay (NVIDIA Share.exe) overlay is rendered from a HTML file located at - C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GeForce Experience\osc\index.html By communicating info from your cheat to a javascript file with websockets, this can be used to draw ESP, radar, etc...
  2. ZleMyzteX

    Guide CSGO Overwatch Bypass - How to Avoid Overwatch Bans

    Hey! I wanted to contribute something and figured I could post a "guide" how to stay undetected off overwatch. I cheated in cs for some years (using p2c's), never got caught by Overwatch - only got caught by all the vac waves, so I guess I can share some knowledge that I gathered with time. Keep...
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