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  1. Ahegao

    Tutorial How to easily make signatures for Unreal Engine 4 Games

    How to easily make signatures for Unreal Engine 4 Games Introduction: Hey guys so the reason that I am even making this "tutorial" is so that people who are interested in making anything to do with unreal engine will have some kind of information on collecting signatures as the resources for...
  2. G

    Solved Ark Combat Evolved Hack - WriteProcessMemory Fails

    I can't test my norecoil since WPM is returning false? Memory.ARK_Write_Norecoil(gSettings.bigeffingArkblock[i].ptrEquippedWeapon); internal static void ARK_Write_Norecoil(long lpBaseAddress) { IntPtr writeaddress = (IntPtr)lpBaseAddress ...
  3. MrManiak

    Tutorial Logging RPCs in UE4

    Pretty obvious stuff, but I felt like sharing this because of how useful it has been to me. Here's a way to get an instant overview of any UE4 game's networking. In UE4, every RPC calls UNetDrive:: ProcessRemoteFunction which is a virtual method. In the game I'm currently working with, the...
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