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  1. SICGames88

    Tutorial Creating CLI C++ Class Library For Your C# Projects

    You could create a C++ dynamic library and then use inside your C# Application: [DLLImport("HookEngine.dll")] private extern static void Hook(); Or you could enjoy both worlds. Creating a CLI C++ Class Library to interact with your C# Application. This is just a template. Basic understanding...
  2. KF1337

    Tutorial Random number generator at COMPILE TIME

    0. Preface: Initially, i wanted to do some research on pre-processor macros, i have no idea how it ended up being a RNG. I guess i just found some sources on the internet. Anyway, i will walk you through the source code and show how it works, and how it can be applied. 1. What is a linear...
  3. Mystic

    Tutorial How to use Vcpkg to easily add libs to your projects

    While writing my own hooking "engine", I came across the need for a disassembler. Who in their right minds would write their own disassembler for x86/x64, when there are approximately 50 trillion free and open source disassembler libraries already available? Right, so Capstone seemed like a very...
  4. LsDevs

    Solved Impossible to make C++ External Trainer (AssaultCube learning) works correctly

    Hi everyone, First of all, sorry if my English is not quite good but I'm from France and I'm gonna do my best to be clear. Also, sorry if this question is kind of noob question. I spent a lot of time trying to make work correctly the external trainer presented in the C++ GH Part2 tutorial...
  5. neonplanet

    Tutorial Aimbot Math Explained

    Hey everyone, I have been inactive for a while but I decided to write up a little tutorial to explain the math behind the aimbot, hoping I can teach some people to write their own code and understand what they're writing instead of copying and pasting. ( Like I did when I first started :D )...
  6. timb3r

    Tutorial Direct3D9 Hooking / DirectX Hook - Need For Speed: Most Wanted

    This is a two part tutorial, you will find part 2 below this post. Introduction So while doing research for DirectX VTable hooking I encountered a stumbling block due the unique way some games implement the DirectX interface. I'll revisit it later however for the moment I'm going to present...
  7. N

    Video Tutorial Cheat Engine Tutorial + Cheat Engine Game Tutorial + Anti Cheat/Integrity Check Bypass Videos

    Full Playlist Cheat Engine Tutorial Step 1 & 2 - Finding a 4 byte value Cheat Engine Tutorial Step 3 - Finding an Unknown Value Cheat Engine Tutorial Step 4 - Not Everything is a 4 Byte Int Cheat Engine Tutorial Step 5 - Basic Code Modification (NOPing) Cheat Engine Tutorial Step 6 -...
  8. H

    Solved I'm stuck at step 9 of the cheat engine tutorial

    Hello guys, I'm new here, read alot the last days and just started to learn the basics. As advised I follow the megathread and it may not seem like alot but I'm proud to be at step 9 almost on myself of the Cheat engine tutorial :D I already overcame some confusion. Now I'm first time really...
  9. matthew99g

    Solved Sockets tutorial PT 2 Hype and Introduction

    SPOOFING - Matthew T. Geiger In a switched networking environment each computer is given access to a specific port controlled by the switch. This makes it more difficult to sniff information because the switch will not allow you to receive another computers packet by default...
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