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  1. tappineapple

    Source Code External Wizard101 Cheat - Noclip Hack

    External Wizard101 Cheat Summary Recently I decided to make a basic Wizard101 cheat, and It's been quite the experience. This game loves its pointers! From what I gathered it would be nearly impossible to manually get the multilevel pointers. Your best bet would be to pattern scan (which I...
  2. metrix

    Download Thief Hack - ESP, Unlimited Items, NoClip & more

    After three previous publications, the producers say it’s time to have the fourth Thief game in 2014. Its creativeness, innovation, and out of the box thinking is what makes this game shine. The game is situated in “The City,” a fantasy-filled inspired by Victorian architecture with multiple...
  3. LsDevs

    Solved Impossible to make C++ External Trainer (AssaultCube learning) works correctly

    Hi everyone, First of all, sorry if my English is not quite good but I'm from France and I'm gonna do my best to be clear. Also, sorry if this question is kind of noob question. I spent a lot of time trying to make work correctly the external trainer presented in the C++ GH Part2 tutorial...
  4. st3k

    Source Code First AssaultCube Trainer.

    Hi. Started coding and hacking for a little less than a month ago, finished my first external AssaultCube trainer today. Posting it here in case some other beginners like me find it useful. Feedback is appreciated :) #include <iostream> #include <Windows.h> #include <TlHelp32.h> #include...
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