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  1. Kronos21

    Source Code TorchLight2 v1.25.9.5 D3D Menu Hack v1.0

    I Started to work on a new project.. I'm trying to reverse the entire structure of torchlight2 next update.. Yet i've made a d3d imgui menu for this game and i have also found the entity pointer.. // Entity Object Entity = 0x032107AC; // Player Object Entity...
  2. X

    Solved Need help to find that EntityList/ObjectManager

    Well hello Hackingfellows, I´m totaly braindead after two days of searching for that #!+#* ObjectManager/EntityList or Array, my starting points are now empty. Don´t know how to process further. What I know (Values are for that latest release): a Playerclass has [Player + 0x0] : 025EEA64 a...
  3. A

    Source Code Torchlight Cheat - My First Hack

    Torchlight is a fairly old game, but it looked like a good game to do my own thing on and break free of the AC tutorials. It is only console based at the moment and am debating learning DirectX 9 or jumping to another game. I might also try to dig deeper into figuring out item codes and level...
  4. Cyrion

    Source Code TorchLight 2 Offsets, Addresses & Structures

    Here is a list of some useful address and Offset for TorchLight 2. (Version There is also the CheatEngine File linked at the end of the presentation. Feel free to share/use , but don't forget the credits. :p TorchLight 2 Offsets PlayerBase: "Torchlight2.exe"+ 024A865C / Offset 0x2C...
  5. TastyHorror

    Download Torchlight 2 Update 14 ( Trainer

    Game: Torchlight II Version: Update 14 ( VirusScan: Click Here! Torchlight2.exe Details File Size: 37.61 MB (39441408 bytes) MD5: 0BBFF49AE6A5E970A78508CECF7B5A76 SHA-1: 5ABE0792EECCBD5901929223E0F63F6982AB6867 FileVersion: How do you use the hack? 1. Start game. 2. Wait...
  6. F

    Download [Release] Torchlight 2 Trainer +22 [All Versions!]

    Hello, I go by the name Fling, and has been in the hacking scene for quite a while. Here is a trainer I made for Torchlight 2, it currently have 22 features! Features: View all the features in-side the program ;). Important Note: Run this trainer as ADMINISTRATOR, otherwise not...
  7. dydrax

    Solved How to find array of byte patterns?

    many cheater using AoB to find offset of game ,, but i'm confusing what is array of byte ?? what hell is it ? how can i get it? please give tut because i'm newbie
  8. Crazywink

    Download TorchLight 2 Hacks - Level hack, Health Hack, Strength Cheats

    TorchLight 2 Hacks by Crazywink Updated to version 2.0 Hey guys, I've been enjoying playing TorchLight 2 so I figured I'd release some hacks for it. Features: -Health Hack -Mana Hack -Strength Hack -Dexterity Hack -Vitality Hack -Focus Hack -Level Hack -Skill Points Hack -Stat Points Hack...
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