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  1. Petko123

    Source Code Tibia Bot Using Packets - Private Server Hack

    I was planning to make a video tutorial on this new version of my Tibia Bot, but I got busy doing some other stuff. Might still make it later. Rake helped me pimp out this project a couple of weeks ago. This source code builds upon all the things I showed in my previous Tibia bot video...
  2. ViniFlores

    Intro Hi, 27y from Brazil :P

    Hello, I have been coding for some time now, already have some experience with several programming language, even concepts of reverse engineering but for the past 2 years i have been working solo as a web developer and have put aside my interests on gamehacking, but a while ago i started a...
  3. Petko123

    Tutorial OT_client (Kasteria) binary tree entity list

    Hello everyone. So for the past week I've been messing around with the new client that a lot of private Tibia servers are starting to use if they want some sort of "bot protection" since it's completely different from the old client that I made videos on and there are not many people in the...
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