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  1. Rtak

    Question kernel/user communication by shared memory and execution context

    Hello, I am trying to implement a way to communicate with a manually mapped driver, that has a custom entry point, so no driver object/device. From what I read the best way would be implementing the communication with shared memory or hooks. There is many ways to implement both and I am...
  2. Rtak

    Solved Is it still worth learning user-mode anticheat bypasses

    Hi, After a brief pause of game-hacking unprotected games I decided I would give in to learn a bit of anticheat. From a few threads I read on this forum it seems that most people gave up on user-mode bypasses, or they recommend learning kernel mode bypasses because most of the good anticheat...
  3. Broihon

    Video Tutorial Windows C++ Shellcode Injection Tutorial

    In this tutorial series I'm explaining various methods of executing shellcode in another process. I'll be demonstrating it by injecting a dll using LoadLibrary. This tutorial requires experience in C++ and advanced knowledge with WINAPIs as I'm not going to explain how e.g. WriteProcessMemory...
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