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  1. iPower

    Source Code KasperskyHook - Hook Windows system calls

    While researching Kaspersky components, I thought it was an interesting idea to write a custom project that lets me hook system calls by using Kaspersky's hypervisor to take a closer look at what it is doing. Instructions about how to compile and use are in this repo: iPower/KasperskyHook...
  2. Kage

    Source Code Windows SysCall - NtCreateFile

    I was inspired by @timb3r from his SysCall Dumper. That's why I wanted to make a "easy" syscall for creating a file. Take me about 5 hours to figuare out how this work :ROFLMAO: #include <Windows.h> #include <stdio.h> #include "windows_struct.h" int createTestFile() { HANDLE hCurtProc =...
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