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  1. RyccoSN

    Tutorial Steam Loader - Bypass for Steam ThreadHideFromDebugger anti-debugging

    This is a write up about my learning journey on early process injection and Steam anti-debugging. We'll talk about CreateProcessW, suspended thread state, DLL injection and tools like Procmon and Process Hacker 2. There are some links throughout the guide so if you are a beginner I recommend...
  2. abrn

    Discuss Steam summer sale recommendations

    Hello GH. I'm wondering if any of you can recommend some games to pick up on the steam summer sale currently going on to practice game hacking? I was thinking of getting Cod 4 as i've seen a few tutorials on here aswell as skyrim to follow the skyrim serie from Icew0lf. Im also down to try...
  3. Hype

    Download Force close GTA San Andreas by pressing F6

    Note: For some reasons Windows Defender treats that file as a Trojan Horse, if this is problem for you then you have source code so you can compile it anyways in 10 seconds. Simple CMD program, after launch, it will wait for you to press F6. If you do, it will terminate GTA San Andreas process...
  4. Hype

    GTA San Andreas & SA-MP CT Steam | US 1.0 | 0.3.7 R1 | 0.3-DL

    Containing tables for: - Steam version (local player, vehicles, NPCs and world) - US 1.0 (local player, vehicles, NPCs and world) - SA-MP 0.3.7 R1 (player pointer list) - SA-MP 0.3-DL (player pointer list) Edit: How to use pools / looping trought objects? - Distance between each NPC object is...
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