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  1. Fozzila

    Source Code Assault Cube | Read / Write | Aimbot | Simple Cheat

    Assault Cube Cheat Ahead! Hello, I have been working on this for about a week now just want to know any one's thought on it. Please I am open to criticism and such. Thank you to sammy6369 for making his / her thread about his simple Aimbot he made in C++ as this helped with the fundamentals...
  2. Kreeps

    Source Code Rust Cheats - Recoils Script All Weapons

    Some person messaged me asking If i could help him paste a Rust recoil script. He ended up sending me source + come to figure out that he is selling this to people so I decided to release this scammers "source" It also has a loader source that he bought from Vanguard Loaders Enjoy !! This Rust...
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