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  1. h4nsbr1x

    Source Code Shellcode in cheat engine

    The tutorial for the cheat engine sample games was a lot of fun, and one of the comments was "we could make the player to follow the mouse as an anti-gravity hack", and that got me thinking about ways to make API calls from inside cheat engine. The short answer: Cheat engine is smart enough to...
  2. F

    Question /proc/pid/mem permissions

    I'm trying to write/read to a process memory, using /proc/pid/mem. For some reason I can't seem to do that, this is the code that is being used. I also saw that you had a some video that uses the same thing, I tried to do the "same" thing also there's probably a lot of unused headers but that's...
  3. Broihon

    Video Tutorial Windows C++ Shellcode Injection Tutorial

    In this tutorial series I'm explaining various methods of executing shellcode in another process. I'll be demonstrating it by injecting a dll using LoadLibrary. This tutorial requires experience in C++ and advanced knowledge with WINAPIs as I'm not going to explain how e.g. WriteProcessMemory...
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