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  1. TelepathicFart

    Solved Hooking and unhooking without crash

    Hi, I've been working on this project for a few weeks now and there's one thing that's still bugging me: my code randomly crash when I unhook. I think I understand why, but I can't find a reliable fix. What I do: - Thread hijack the game and inject my dll - Start a new thread in dllmain - Hook...
  2. N

    Solved Help with csgo sdk

    I am new to the internal scene and everywhere I look (tutorial or github) there is always and sdk that gets you all the Interfaces and Classes. I am wondering where you get such an sdk. I saw valve has one but on every youtube tutorial they use it just for maps. There is a high chance that I am...
  3. Lew6s

    Solved cs hitchance

    cs:go c++ internal + pretty developed sdk I need to know where I need to begin in order to make a hit chance function for an aim bot Not worried about getting detected or anything I just want to know how not a shitpost, just special
  4. LaShakun

    Download FFoF SDK for hacks Credits: Ni7r1x(userCMD class), timber(base for the trampoline hooks), obdr(dummy device method), pSilent(structs and offsets), source-sdk-2013-master
  5. the_nut

    Tutorial CS:GO Internal Crash Course

    0. Preface Consult this if you haven’t already: Guide - START HERE Beginners Guide to Learning Game Hacking Guide - How to Make CSGO Hacks - START HERE GUIDE 1. Setting up a project So, first thing you will need to do in order to make a good CS:GO SDK is obviously make a project, here in C++...
  6. KIWI

    Source Code SDK Generator for Valve's Source Engine

    Hey, want to share repo that i found few days ago. It's from 2017 but still works fine. To work with last version of CS:GO you need update 1 thing in this source code void Client::WaitForClientToBecomeReady() { HMODULE client_dll = nullptr; do...
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