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  1. X

    Tutorial Auto-padding for SDK classes

    Hello GH, I was making classes for Paladins picking them in the SDK but you know what does this mean right, padding. And since I like to over-engineer shit I could do by hand I made a python script in less than an hour (the code is really bad lol) that makes padding automaticaly based on the...
  2. Gloxinia

    Solved KIlling Floor 2 SDK

    I can't get PawnList in my SDK. As I understand it, the problem is that I did the dump incorrectly, because in the SDK 2018 I can easily get it. I'm asking someone to do a dump or share their own SDK because either the SDKGenerator has broken down over the years, or the SDK 2018 and my SDK are...
  3. TelepathicFart

    Solved Hooking and unhooking without crash

    Hi, I've been working on this project for a few weeks now and there's one thing that's still bugging me: my code randomly crash when I unhook. I think I understand why, but I can't find a reliable fix. What I do: - Thread hijack the game and inject my dll - Start a new thread in dllmain - Hook...
  4. N

    Solved Help with csgo sdk

    I am new to the internal scene and everywhere I look (tutorial or github) there is always and sdk that gets you all the Interfaces and Classes. I am wondering where you get such an sdk. I saw valve has one but on every youtube tutorial they use it just for maps. There is a high chance that I am...
  5. Lew6s

    Solved cs hitchance

    cs:go c++ internal + pretty developed sdk I need to know where I need to begin in order to make a hit chance function for an aim bot Not worried about getting detected or anything I just want to know how not a shitpost, just special
  6. LaShakun

    Download FFoF SDK for hacks Credits: Ni7r1x(userCMD class), timber(base for the trampoline hooks), obdr(dummy device method), pSilent(structs and offsets), source-sdk-2013-master
  7. the_nut

    Tutorial CS:GO Internal Crash Course

    0. Preface Consult this if you haven’t already: Guide - START HERE Beginners Guide to Learning Game Hacking Guide - How to Make CSGO Hacks - START HERE GUIDE 1. Setting up a project So, first thing you will need to do in order to make a good CS:GO SDK is obviously make a project, here in C++...
  8. KIWI

    Source Code SDK Generator for Valve's Source Engine

    Hey, want to share repo that i found few days ago. It's from 2017 but still works fine. To work with last version of CS:GO you need update 1 thing in this source code void Client::WaitForClientToBecomeReady() { HMODULE client_dll = nullptr; do...
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