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  1. Rake

    Video Tutorial ClassInformer Tutorial - Run Time Type Information Tutorial - RTTI

    ClassInformer Tutorial - Run Time Type Information Tutorial Using classinformer to search the runtime type information for a string or just to browse the different class vtables can save your DAYS worth of time reverse engineering. If the game has RTTI embedded you need to start using this...
  2. Samb0

    Source Code PyRTTI Tool - Get class information via RTTI

    If you haven't seen my last thread, about RTTIDumper, go here: RTTIDumper Source Code Release Otherwise, this is my python implementation of it, kinda its going to have a few more features than my last project but only works on one file at a time. PyRTTI Github Page It supports column sorting...
  3. Samb0

    Source Code RTTIDumper v1.3 - Run Time Type Information Dumper

    I present my source code for a small internal tool I've been working on. For those that don't know, RTTI means Run-time type information. It is the result of many hours of research and trying to understand memory layout as well as learning how to program in C++ effectively. This is a procedural...
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