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  1. XdarionX

    Discuss How would you exploit these drivers?

    Vanguard is blocking these drivers, I have never heard about them so I looked inside what can I find and to my big surprise I found nothing. These drivers do not import anything suspicios (KeStackAttachProcess, ZwMapViewOfSection, MmMapIoSpace etc..), they even dont have ioctl dispatch routines...
  2. B

    Discuss [Albion Online] Reversing Packets - Working on Chat Packets - CLIENT->SERVER

    I'm currently reversing a game called Albion Online's network protocol. Spent a great amount of time parsing the IPv4 Header and UDP Headers. Found some packets from the server that change rapidly when...
  3. XdarionX

    Tutorial No Particles misc visual cheat / Referenced string search

    Hello, Since noone released source code for NoParticles i decided to do that and make tutorial where will i describe how to find required info by referenced string (ref str) searching and NO debugging. NoParticles cheat just disables annoying particles like shotfire and blood, also slightly...
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