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  1. Argos69

    Solved How to grab offsets from games with anti-cheat?

    Hey guys, Kinda new here and very fresh into the cheating scene been scouring and reading threads on every forum you can think off and i've had a look at the beginners guide and it only shows you how to do this stuff with Cheat Engine but i'm trying to grab offsets from a game that has...
  2. ztrix12

    Solved Find raw packet before encrypted and sent trough Winsock (SA:MP)

    Introduction: Hello, I've seen all the threads about hooking into game send packets functions, searched on the internet, learned basic knowledge for reversing assembly, I've tried multiple techniques to achieve my goal but I can't seem to get it right. Goal: I want to analyze game...
  3. E

    Question Help for Unpacking VMProtect 3.x DLL x86

    I asked for a dll unpacking than Rake say this dll is protecting with VMProtect. I search for unpacking VMP but cant find any working solutions so ı decide to ask here for help ı attach dll here. But ı notice something when ı look with PEiD got this result with dumped dll ep section is in ep1...
  4. hound.c++

    Question How do you find the correct function parameter?

    Hi, It's a Unreal Engine 4 Game, anyway my idea is to write a basic internal calling a change material color function. What I've done so far in RE: I've had a material change it's color ingame and ultimately found one of it's float values for the RGB, then I looked who writes to it and found...
  5. H

    Question want to know function name in source 13 sdk

    After all of question, I apologize my immature english. in CInput class at classinformer, I've found a function that is supposed to be a getting motion bool To look for more detail in source 2013 sdk, i find CInput class. and when i see it, in ida cinput vtable, because getboolmotion funtion...
  6. hound.c++

    Question What is up with the segments in x64dbg

    Hey everybody, I know this is probably a little dumb to ask but even after hours of researching I feel like I don't hit the green spot on this. My question is about the current use of segments on Windows 32 and 64 bit. Left pic is 64 bit, right is 32 bit so essentially I see these segment...
  7. d7k177y

    Solved Can't handle RaiseException

    Hey all, im acutally trying to re Natural Selection 2, but no matter what im doing, after attaching the debugger the game dies. I red all guides/howto's i could find regarding this issue but the UnhandledException kills my game. This is the part where my games dies. i tried everything...
  8. SuperNewbie

    Solved Has the process to find netvars (e.g. Health/bDormant) in CS:GO changed?

    I'm aware that the stuff inside client_panorama.dll has been moved to client.dll, but finding offsets not based on server.dll has been challenging. I've tried both the bDormant offset tutorial and the CS:GO netVar tutorial and I'm having the same problem that others were purportedly having...
  9. AxDSan

    Question Hunting and Calling C Game Functions from the Game's LUA API?

    Hey guys, I have been playing with LUA recently, and been trying to accomplish this for a while now but I seem to be running in circles and I'm just getting nowhere, and I'm probably over complicating myself, I'm reversing this game which it uses an embedded LUA VM, some of the game's methods...
  10. LoopTurn

    Solved IDA & other decompilers

    Sorry if this isn't necessarily game hacking related but I don't know other communities that help with reversing. I am trying to reverse a binary from hack the box for a challenge. I am trying to find a good decompiler to use like ida or ghirda. IDA 7.0 was released for free and I don't know if...
  11. Daax

    Guide Accelerated Assembly for the Impatient

    Hey guys and girls (doubt), I recently published an article over x86_64 Assembly, and am writing a 3 part group in my Applied RE series on my blog. I figured I would plug it here for those of you who may not follow what I've been posting. I really hope it's valuable to some of you new fellas...
  12. xxxtarnatiiion

    Solved IDA: Reversing help

    Hi GH community :love: So to get better at IDA, I'm working on MW3 and my goal is to find "GetTagPos" in order to make a bone ESP. Think I got a good lead : so here is what i'm thinking: - line 10: we check if GetTagPos worked (it takes 4 args tho… so idk if it can really by GTP) - line 07...
  13. Lew6s

    Solved cs hitchance

    cs:go c++ internal + pretty developed sdk I need to know where I need to begin in order to make a hit chance function for an aim bot Not worried about getting detected or anything I just want to know how not a shitpost, just special
  14. Hagrid

    Tutorial How to reverse engineer MineSweeper cheats

    PART 1 - Reversing (this thread) PART 2 - Coding the "hack" (post below) As you may have guessed from the title ITT we will be reversing Minesweeper and then writing a simple "hack" for it. First go over to Windows Minesweeper XP: Free game download to download the original WinXP minesweeper...
  15. Mystic

    Tutorial How to find lots of engine functions in IDA (black ops 1)

    With Rakes recently announced full time commitment to GH, and my rekindled interest in game hacking, I decided I want to make a tutorial here. Here we go... I'm going to use black ops 1 for this, but as all the cod games are built on the exact same engine, you should be able to do this in all...
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