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  1. maxibaby

    Solved x86 weird calling convention

    Hello guys, I'm new to reverse engineering, but have quite some background in programming. I came across this function and I'm not sure what the correct calling conventions for these functions are. We can see that we push `0xA1` and call `preparePacketID`, so clearly this function takes one...
  2. B

    Solved CSGO External Night Mode

    Hello, I am relatively new to hacking, but not new to programming. I have searched the internet a lot and tried many things myself, but I just can't find a solution. How do I manage to program an external Night Mode? I am relatively sure that the 4 writeMem are correct, but I am not sure about...
  3. out[kast]

    Solved While Loop Breaking DLL Injection CSGO

    Language: C++ Game: CSGO Background: After following Cody's tutorials all until the no flash I decided to try and make my own after seeing that there was an offset for FlashMaxAlpha. I created an external trainer and I could set the flash alpha to be transparent so I decided to try internal. I...
  4. mrkinaujr

    Solved IL2CPP and Mono Injection

    Hello, i found a new Game today and saw it uses Unity and IL2CPP. I know how to make a internal Cheat in Unity Games but not if the Game is obfuscated with IL2CPP. Can i just use Mono Injection like before? Is there some Information about this already in the Forum?
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