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  1. Meow

    Source Code Fullscreen OpenGL Overlay with Python (ogl/glfw)

    Not trying to measure with @erxn's overlay. This one is on a lower level and using raw opengl instead of pygame. The method used here can also be used on any other language. pip install pypiwin32 pywin32 pyopengl pyopengl-accelerate glfw with FullScreenOverlay() as overlay: while...
  2. andrea1980345

    Question Send keypress to a game [DirectInput] [Python]

    Hello boyz :D I'm trying to learn to send keypress to some game with no window in focus, so, when is minimized. The game is the old Metin2 (Private Servers). First i do some test in the Notepad, and if it works, i test in the game (tell me if is a bad idea please). I've tried with HexCode but...
  3. E

    Source Code Python Overlay Library (WIP) (SHOW OFF)

    Hi! I've been working on kind of a wrapper for pygame to use it for overlays on top on other windows. I got tired of making overlays from scratch. So I made this general purpose overlay class to streamline the building process. This is a work in progress and I've only been working on this for a...
  4. S

    Tutorial How to Debug game with WinAppDbg in python 3

    Hi, I see that there are some posts talking about how to hack game by using python. They used pymem, win32 etc... For me i get used to the module "WinAppDbg". It has nearlly all necessary stuffs to modify game's memory, get process/thread 's characteristics. Originally this module can work...
  5. Celeron

    Intro Young, not trying to trigger someone

    Hello, My name is Ben I am 17 years old, and I tried Game Hacking the wrong way. Why ? Because I read it would be a stupid idea to start with python without 100% understanding C++, and I still did it. 😬 But I got into it, because my school was closed and homeschooling alone didn't do it for...
  6. B

    Question Python/Win32 Sockets - Packet Sniffer - Network to Host Endianess

    I'm writing a packet sniffer to analyze game traffic. I'm sure there are much better tools out there. But I would like to make my own. The idea is later to write a proxy for the game traffic to make a bot. I have two issues I'm trying to resolve. Packet Sniffer Also, give his project a try if...
  7. Meow

    Source Code Python - External ESP (Pygame, Pymem)

    My first touch to get into Game Hacking. I've learned a lot from @erxn Python esp so I firstly want to say thanks for sharing his Code. I also want to say thanks to the whole community who contributes with tutorials and stuff. I didn't found any other community who shares that much information...
  8. Samb0

    Source Code PyRTTI Tool - Get class information via RTTI

    If you haven't seen my last thread, about RTTIDumper, go here: RTTIDumper Source Code Release Otherwise, this is my python implementation of it, kinda its going to have a few more features than my last project but only works on one file at a time. PyRTTI Github Page It supports column sorting...
  9. U

    Solved Skin changer not working

    I write simple code to change skin in CSGO. All values change but the skin doesn't appear! write_memory(game,(weapon_entity + off_itemidhigh), 0, "i") write_memory(game,(weapon_entity + off_itemidlow), 1, "i") write_memory(game,(weapon_entity + off_fallbackseed), 2, "i")...
  10. H

    Solved Python How to get ViewMatrix

    Im trying to do a W2S function but i need ViewMatrix i cant seem to figure out how to get it. Im using PyMem in order to get the Matrix but it cant read arrays.I can get the X Value But cant seem to figure out How to get the other values
  11. Rake

    Source Code Pyhag CSGO External Python Hack

    I found this on pastebin and have been meaning to post it for a while, so here it is. metrix found the author, credits to him Features: - Bunnyhop - Glow - Rcs - Triggerbot - Aimbot - Skinchanger (working function, needs to be recoded though) Hotkeys: (just change them if you dont like them)...
  12. E

    Source Code Python overlay using pygame

    Edit: Update below, and also I changed the prefix since I'm stuck... Edit2: I got it to work, dont need help. Im just retarded (y) So I made a python overlay using pygame and pywin32! Right now its only displaying the localplayer's XYZ position, but the idea down the road is to use it for an...
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