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  1. the_nut

    Tutorial How to get CUserCmd in CSGO

    'Sup bois, Aimware head dev (defo not a meme) back at it again with how to get dat Sweet Sweet CUserCmd. What is CUserCmd? CUserCmd is a class in CS:GO that houses a lot of cool stuff, like the key to silent aim. In general I like to have my CUserCmd be a struct. Mine is like this (am such a...
  2. the_nut

    Tutorial How to do Silent Aim in CS:GO

    So here's a quickie, I'm going to go and show you bois how to do silent aim in CS:GO like professional, as you know, I am head CEO developper of Aimware, so you can trust me! What is Silent Aim? First, you'll need to understand the point / what's special about silent aim. Silent aim will...
  3. XdarionX

    Source Code External CSGO Silent Aim - proof of concept, no shellcode

    Hi, as the title says i tried to make an external psilent cheat for csgo (wihout hooking & shellcode) and now i will share some snippets to proof that its possible to make it but it is not that elegant like internal. The concept is easy: hit the UserCmd at right time and in right sequence before...
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