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  1. SICGames88

    Discuss What's the most awesome hack that you've pulled off?

    For me, It was using Haar Cascade Classifier (Facial recognition) to detect a stinking Training Bot in a game. But I've seen some videos that are madly insane. Magic Bullets was one of them. Apparently, player shoots and enemy dies. I know it's tied into the enemy's health bar. But that's in...
  2. iMoD1998

    Tutorial Bitwise Tutorial

    Hey guys wanted to follow up on my number systems tutorial anyways here it is. What is bitwise? Bitwise allows you to manipulate bits in numbers by carrying out different operations which pretty much functions the same as logic gates. NOT ( ~ ) NOT is the simplest operator as it just takes the...
  3. iMoD1998

    Tutorial Number Systems (Binary, Hexadecimal, etc)

    Hey people, been itching to make some tutorials so here I go trying to make one about number systems hopefully it helps :p So how do they work? Number systems such as binary, decimal, and hexadecimal are described by how many digits there are before the next unit. For example, the decimal...
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