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  1. K

    Solved Not able to find right static player pointer

    Game Name: Among Us Anticheat N/A How long you been coding/hacking? coding 6 years/hacking 2 weeks Coding Language N/A Hello guys I watched all 2/3 videos about the static (player) pointers and tried this on Among Us. So I managed to find the static address for your local player as seen in the...
  2. F

    Question Pointerscan not working

    I am trying to apply the basics of finding static addresses for other games, right now I am working on this game called "Super Smash Flash 2". It is essentially a flash game ported to a windows executable. I have managed to find the address for lives variable, which is essentially a variable...
  3. C

    Question Cheat engine does not find pointers

    Okay, I don't understand what's going on. I was spending some time on TheDivision 1 and I found some interesting things, I used the pointer scan function, I found my position and everything went well, I inserted a photo. Then I found a code that gives access to: RPM, No Spread, No Recoil, Fast...
  4. Moltivie

    Solved Still can't dereference multi-level pointer

    Hey there, So i'm trying to build my internal hack on Green Hell. I am using First Internal Hack as a template. As you can see on the Pic.1, I have to add the base address (0x004A33F0) to the module ("mono-2.0-bdwgc.dll") and those offsets to get to my localPlayer base address. (Picture 1 -...
  5. tappineapple

    Solved Why is this a nullptr?

    In this case, the nullptr is "addr.engineModule" and I can't seem to find out why. Is it a problem with how I define it? addr.engineModule = (uintptr_t)(GetModuleHandle)(L"engine.dll"); It seems like it should be working because I define client.dll the same way addr.clientModule =...
  6. X

    Solved ReClass.NET pointer classes are returning the wrong value ?

    Hello! So I'm doing this post today because I'm hacking the game Paladins (already bypassed EAC and have my injector) and I stopped for like 3month, now I'm doing it again cause I regained the hype to do it and it's fun. My issue is I generated my classes with ReClass, offsets are correct (I...
  7. HexMurder

    Solved Pointers in Reclass

    Hello all. Been quite some time since I took a crack at reversing a game and I ran into some unexpected trouble almost right off the bat (lmao). I can't seem to be able to explore pointers on reclass. In the example image you can see clearly that 0x288 is a pointer. When I change it to a pointer...
  8. C

    Solved C++ External Trainer Struggle

    Hey, first time poster, long time lurker. So i've been going through Rake's external trainer tut: Video Tutorial - How to Hack Any Game Tutorial C++ Trainer #1 - External. I've gotten the trainer to work fine with Assault Cube, but now I'm trying to adapt it to another game, Enter the Gungeon...
  9. T

    Solved Multilevel Pointer Changing

    Hi guys, Trying to figure out how to get the static address of ammo in Starsiege Tribes (super oldschool, you can DL it for free, 245MB) I pointer scan with CE until I only have a couple of results left, then i bring them into the active view and modify the values to make sure it works...
  10. A

    Solved How to find offsets with Signatures

    Hey guys i have a question. i got some signatures from fortnite. How do i find offsets with them? uworld: 48 89 05 ? ? ? ? e8 ? ? ? ? 48 8b 93 FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe+xxxxxxx camloc: F3 44 0F 11 1D ? ? ? ? FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe+xxxxxxx
  11. U

    Solved How to find name of each player in CSGO?

    I tried different ways and surfed the browser a lot, but can't find these names. Pls help
  12. catalinqs

    Solved Multiple pointers

    So this is with what i confrunt. I am trying to follow up on my AdCap! game, i was messing with it for 2-3 months now, and i still can't find anything else, so tonight i tried to get more. I started a new cheat engine, did some scans.. I used a method and i got 97 pointers. Now the problem is...
  13. timb3r

    Tutorial Multilevel Pointers Explained (using AssaultCUBE)

    Original Post Date: January 4, 2019 Multilevel Pointers Explained: Something that comes as no surprise to me is just how much trouble new programmers have with pointers. Pointers are easy! I wrote a whole tutorial on pointers for that specific reason. However something that trips people up is...
  14. timb3r

    Tutorial How Pointers Work (using C)

    Original Post Date: October 27, 2018 How Pointers Work In C One of the stumbling blocks for new C programmers is the headache that is pointers. They can seem scary and overwhelming at first but they aren’t as difficult as you might think. Understanding pointers is essential to writing good...
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