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  1. diabloSOD

    Solved World War Z Pointer Help using Cheat Engine (Can't Find)

    Game Name: World War Z Anticheat: N/A How long you been coding/hacking? 1 year Coding Language: C++ I have been having an issue trying to find pointers for certain addresses in this game. I am able to modify my money and levels easily by finding the address of that value, but I can't seem to...
  2. HexMurder

    Solved Pointers in Reclass

    Hello all. Been quite some time since I took a crack at reversing a game and I ran into some unexpected trouble almost right off the bat (lmao). I can't seem to be able to explore pointers on reclass. In the example image you can see clearly that 0x288 is a pointer. When I change it to a pointer...
  3. LsDevs

    Solved Impossible to make C++ External Trainer (AssaultCube learning) works correctly

    Hi everyone, First of all, sorry if my English is not quite good but I'm from France and I'm gonna do my best to be clear. Also, sorry if this question is kind of noob question. I spent a lot of time trying to make work correctly the external trainer presented in the C++ GH Part2 tutorial...
  4. T

    Solved Multilevel Pointer Changing

    Hi guys, Trying to figure out how to get the static address of ammo in Starsiege Tribes (super oldschool, you can DL it for free, 245MB) I pointer scan with CE until I only have a couple of results left, then i bring them into the active view and modify the values to make sure it works...
  5. catalinqs

    Solved Call a function from a pointer

    #define SAMP_FUNC_SAY 0x57F0 Because that is a function, the offset is to call the function, so samp.dll + SAMP_FUNC_SAY is like a void say(), but my question is: "How can i use the function; how can i call the function and give it params or see what params it...
  6. H

    Solved Is this game feasible to hack? Having issues with finding addresses.

    Hi all, I'm new to game hacking and I've gone through all of the beginner tutorials, wrote the external and internal trainers for Assault Cube, etc. For my final term in my CS degree, I've decided to learn game hacking/reverse engineering as my term project and have gotten the 'OK' from my...
  7. Angshu001

    Solved getting address from a pointer

    i was wondering if there's any way to get the address of a pointer pointing to in c# if yes i i'd like to know
  8. sokod

    Solved Finding pointer to a value in my own project

    After watching tutorial guide for cheat engine (part 2 specifically), i wanted to extend on that and created simple console c++ project with an actor class and function to decrease/increase health by a pressed key. Code to the project is below. When looked for health values in the cheat engine i...
  9. Hype

    Solved Pointer to string

    Hi, I found dynamic string address, as I understand string in memory is array of chars with null terminator at the end of the array. I would like to find a pointer to string but I don't know for which place in memory would it point to, to the first address of a letter? Also, when I sub/add...
  10. xNocken

    Solved Cant find pointer

    I try to find the pointer for my camera rotation in Nuclear dawn. I can find the only writable value but when i try to find a pointer its looks like its impossible. When i make the pointer scan with 9 or less i get no results after restart. With 10 i got 3.6 billion results and i stopped. Re...

    Solved Can't find any static Pointer in Dead Island Definitive Edition

    Hey, in Dead Island Definitive Edition I have the problem that i can't find any static Pointer. I tried like the tutorial says but somewhen i come to the same dynamic pointers i already found :/. I tried to find the address of the players health which was not difficult but i am wondering why...
  12. catalinqs

    Solved From a value, get the object position?

    I have gotten an address that shows me how many buffs i have on me. Now i have the pointer to that address, and it holds the amount of buffs i have on me, for example, if someone buffed me with "health regen" and "mana regen" i will have the value of 2. And when i get buffed, it also displays...
  13. catalinqs

    Solved Range Find

    At this point i have my player object with all the info. For the sake of argument let's say my player object is at 0x12345 I know that what i want to look for, mana hp anything like that, should be near my 0x12345, and i know it can't be a value with - since it's impossible So my starting...
  14. catalinqs

    Solved No aparent offset

    So i've downloaded this metin2 after some 4 months on scripting in lua for a game, and i noticed there are so many things to automatize and there are like 1 or 2 actual cheats on the market. I am no reverse engineer expert but i've done my fair share of cheat engine reverse engineering in my...
  15. zeroexsixsix

    Solved Assault Cube Version | Can't find Player Pointer

    Hi, I know most of these threads are very old, and I have searched for quite a lot and didn't find a solution. The closest thread I found to my problem is this Solved - Can't find the health pointer... However, there was no solution posted other than verifying the game version, and I've...
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