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    Solved Understanding sig scans

    I will try to describe my issue to the best of my ability, i'll start with the problem. So I got to the point where I have a very good working hack but I use all offsets hardcoded even UWorld(this is a pointer in the Unreal engine that holds all the entities), now everytime my game updates I...
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    Solved Can this memory pattern scan be any faster/use lower memory?

    Hey guys, First of all, nice to meet you sine I'm new here and this is my first post... Secondly, please bare with me as I'm also new to C++ in general. So, here it goes: I have this memory scan function to find an address by pattern, but right now if feels pretty slow, meaning it takes about...
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    Solved AOB Scan not working on Cheat Engine

    First have a quick look at this screenshot please: The project I am using is from a tutorial out of here. I am kinda sure you know which one (i kinda forgot the name exactly). As you see CheatEngine is finding my AOB which is marked red on the right side in the memory browser. I am 99.99%...
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