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    Discuss [Albion Online] Reversing Packets - Working on Chat Packets - CLIENT->SERVER

    I'm currently reversing a game called Albion Online's network protocol. Spent a great amount of time parsing the IPv4 Header and UDP Headers. Found some packets from the server that change rapidly when...
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    Question Python/Win32 Sockets - Packet Sniffer - Network to Host Endianess

    I'm writing a packet sniffer to analyze game traffic. I'm sure there are much better tools out there. But I would like to make my own. The idea is later to write a proxy for the game traffic to make a bot. I have two issues I'm trying to resolve. Packet Sniffer Also, give his project a try if...
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    Source Code MapleStory Packet Hack & NGS Bypass

    Yo. Been working with maplestory recently, you might have seen my older post Guide - The basics of Packets. Case study: MapleStory Anyways, i've been getting slowly more and more bored with it and then the game decided to update so I'm at least 99% over it now. So i've made my repo public for...
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