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  1. Kix

    Guide OpenSpades Cheats

    OpenSpades is an open source clone of Ace of Spades 0.75, which is a free online first-person shooter, featuring fully destructible terrain and plenty of game modes (including the well-known Capture the Flag) created by the community. Can connect to a vanilla/pyspades/pysnip server. Uses...
  2. Kix

    Source Code Internal OpenSpades Hack

    What's poppin' ladies and gentleman! Today I am releasing my OpenSpades hack I made just this past week. OpenSpades is an open source fps game that uses OpenGL as it's main renderer. I'm going to be honest this game was a headache, even though it was open source. First off, when I tried to find...
  3. Solaire

    Source Code OpenSpades Offsets & Structures

    Here are all the OpenSpades offsets we have: OpenSpades Offsets 1 OpenSpades Offsets 2 We also have a main thread for OpenSpades here: Guide - OpenSpades Cheats Going to make an ESP, Aimbot, and possibly a triggerbot for this game. This is what I've got so far. GetPlayerOrNull -...
  4. project21124

    Outdated Open Spades Cheats - Aimbot & no recoil

    Hey guys looking to download awesome Open Spades Hacks? This game hacks includes a Open Spades Aimbot, Open Spades No Recoil, Open Spades No Spread and more! Hey guys, this is just a noob hack I made for Open Spades, my first hack. I know that it's easy to hack Open Source games, but I...
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