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  1. Meow

    Source Code Fullscreen OpenGL Overlay with Python (ogl/glfw)

    Not trying to measure with @erxn's overlay. This one is on a lower level and using raw opengl instead of pygame. The method used here can also be used on any other language. pip install pypiwin32 pywin32 pyopengl pyopengl-accelerate glfw with FullScreenOverlay() as overlay: while...
  2. austin101006

    Solved OpenGL transparent window

    Hello I am making a external radar cheat for Among Us and I would like to know if there is any way I could make my OpenGL window transparent?
  3. SICGames88

    Source Code OpenGL Screen Capture Using MS Detours in Easy Mode

    This source code has been tested on Minecraft. MS Detours can be found on microsoft's github page. There's a tiny small problem but is readily fixed by forcing the window to become focused. This is the DLLMain part: BOOL APIENTRY DllMain( HMODULE hModule, DWORD...
  4. Meow

    Solved External Drawing. VSync / No VSync / Lock fps? Issues on high framerate.

    Heya, I'm not really into game developing itself and not experienced enough to opengl so I don't really know whats happening there: I've optimized some code and I am currently able to draw enemy entities with ~350fps (so 350 main loop ticks per second) which causes some weird delayed drawings...
  5. P

    Solved view projection matrix - Opengl 2.0 settings

    Hey Guided hacking, i got trouble finding the correct view projection matrix. The game uses Opengl 1.3 and 2.0 features. I manged to find one projection view matrix, which spits out reasonable values. Sadly i am unable to find a reliable pointerpath. When i disable Opgenl 2.0 features i can't...
  6. V

    Solved Unhooking Trampoline

    Hi! I followed the trampoline hook tutorial, hooking the SwapBuffer. I have tried writing an unhook method, but I'm not really experienced in this matter. My plan is to write back the stolen bytes, and when checking in cheat engine it seems to work. But when I use FreeLibrary Assault Cube...
  7. kicskacsa123

    Solved Use of Modern OpenGL

    Hey! Is it possible to use modern OpenGL(binding buffers, sending data to gpu, using shaders, etc.) directly in the game process, and if so, do I need to get each individual function address(e.g. glBindBuffer, glShaderSource, etc.)? Second option: Should I make a transparent window and draw...
  8. R

    Solved C# Internal - Trampoline hooking opengl "wglSwapBuffers", is messing with the stack

    I've been following / studying the different posts here on GH about hooking the "wglSwapBuffers" for AssaultCube, and tried to implement it in C# I started by just making a void template (delegate) for my hook without any parameters, and a simple WriteLine out to my console, and the hook worked...
  9. ManyCookies

    Source Code universal-graphics-hook

    Repo: alxbrn/universal-graphics-hook Since i have been messing around with various graphics libraries lately I thought it could be fun to make a cpp project for hooking various graphic libraries such as: d3d9, d3d10, d3d11, d3d12, gdi, gdi+, opengl and vulkan. D3D11 Example: The github repo...
  10. Snowy White

    Solved Problem with hooking OpenGL in Assault Cube

    Hey everybody Recently I've started to make an Assault Cube hack from scratch to see where my skill level is. I've made some good progression, so now I am at the point, where I want to start drawing things. I've looked up a few tutorials about how to hook the OpenGL engine and tried to just...
  11. XdarionX

    Source Code Internal OpenGL & D3D9 drawing class and font rendering

    Hello there, I made this simple and intuitive class for drawing and text output for OpenGL internal cheats. Its usefull when you are doing menu or learning OpenGL (how to draw). First we want some headers: #pragma once #include <windows.h> #include <gl\GL.h> #pragma comment(lib, "opengl32.lib")...
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