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  1. JohnDoe

    Solved Force executable to load DLL on startup

    Hello! I'd like to patch a Windows executable file to load an external DLL on startup instead of having to inject the DLL into the application. Any tips or tutorials on how this could be achieved? Thanks.
  2. G

    Solved Signature Scanning Help

    Hello, i am pretty knew to Game Hacking so this may be a dumb question but i need some help with signature scanning. I am working on a a cheat for Modern Combat Versus. Its not a great game and awful on PC but i thought it would be a good point to start my journey since I didnt want to use...
  3. U

    Solved How to find exit command ????

    Hello guys, I have a question and it is how to find exit command. l mean l am trying bypass and when l open incektor, the game is closed. There is a way to find exit command with ollydbg before when it is closed ? Thank you.
  4. H

    Solved offset from base pointer is variable

    Hello i am japanese 13 years old student I want to find player's health offset on the STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl First i try use pointer scan to health address, but few times reboot the game later added addresses be unworked. next i try to aob scanning launch ollydbg, go to health address...
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