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  1. H

    Solved how to find dwforcejump offset??

    how to find dwforcejump offset only using cheat engine without dumper and interface? dumper and interface is only used in source game. so i want to find it in another game.
  2. Geronimo

    Solved UE4 - Variable to offset

    Hello! After the reply of timb3r on my latest post, I downloaded UE4 source code, and using IDA Pro I found GWorld (DataType: UWorldProxy), so that through that, I can later get the actual UWorld. Now, the issue that I have is that GWorld, seems to be a global variable, that on IDA looks like...
  3. H

    Solved Help / Learn how to update Offsets for cs go

    So I have been wondering for a long time what to do when there comes a cs go update... Last time my cheat crashed, but thankfully my friend helped me. This time he told me that next time it happens I should come here for good support:). I already knows how to get my own offsets trough...
  4. E

    Solved Calculating static offset for a pointer in the stack

    Hello. I have created a very simple program that allocates a pointer on the stack in the main, and assigns a single value to it allocated on the heap. The value is changed using the arrow keys. Here is a code for clarification: int main() { HANDLE moduleHandle = GetModuleHandle("Delete.exe")...
  5. pdawn

    Source Code PUBG - Offsets, Structs and Reversal information

    Since there is no post dedicated to PUBG(Steam) i decided to share few things and discuss it if we may. uint64_t getUWorld() { uint64_t v1, v2; v1 = *(uint64_t*)(GetModuleHandle(NULL) + 0x6979BC0); LODWORD(v2) = __ROL4__(__ROL4__(v1, 16) + 0x5CDC6CE4, 16) ^ 0x5CDC6CE4...
  6. catalinqs

    Solved From a value, get the object position?

    I have gotten an address that shows me how many buffs i have on me. Now i have the pointer to that address, and it holds the amount of buffs i have on me, for example, if someone buffed me with "health regen" and "mana regen" i will have the value of 2. And when i get buffed, it also displays...
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