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  1. R

    Solved Six Siege No recoil macro approch | Need suggestions

    I am trying to build my own no recoil macro rather than using public source code, so here's my approch and psudeo for that -> Get mouse click events if right + left click pressed drag mouse down so i got the mouse events with GetAsyncKeyState and on the way for trying to figure out how i can...
  2. HydraHacks

    Source Code Simple BO2 T6 Plutonium No Recoil

    This is a simple source code for a plutonium bo2 hack, specifically norecoil #include <iostream> #include "Color.h" #include "proc.h" #include "mem.h" using namespace std; #define RECOIL_ADDRESS 0x4AF220 #define POLL_RATE 10 int main() { SetConsoleTitle(L"Arcane"); //Get ProcId...
  3. esp1z1

    Source Code Super Small CSGO RCS - Recoil Control System (36 lines total)

    Another tiny csgo cheat only 36 lines w/ every line by itself not the best source to look at if youre super nooby since its kinda packed in there but if you just want to know how an anti recoil works in csgo this is good for you! Features: - no recoil - uninject (END) - rick astley Setup: -...
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