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  1. M

    Source Code Netvar code dumper and TF2 example

    ValveGen wasn't working out, so i made a thing. This is a very low effort post, but the result might be useful to others. So i thought to post this here anyways. For this guide i assume Video Tutorial - How to Find dwGetAllClasses & Netvar Manager has been grokked. The code generator uses the...
  2. SuperNewbie

    Solved Has the process to find netvars (e.g. Health/bDormant) in CS:GO changed?

    I'm aware that the stuff inside client_panorama.dll has been moved to client.dll, but finding offsets not based on server.dll has been challenging. I've tried both the bDormant offset tutorial and the CS:GO netVar tutorial and I'm having the same problem that others were purportedly having...
  3. Elitiok

    Solved What is the difference between dwClientState_GetLocalPlayer & dwLocalPlayer

    Hey Folks How Are I am Done with beginner's guide and after making some basic internal and external trainers I moved to the intermediate guide my question is what is the difference between these two values. Disclaimer: I hate Pasting So Don't Give a code and tell me just copy this !
  4. Rake

    Video Tutorial How to Find dwGetAllClasses & Netvar Manager

    How many of you are using Netvars but have no idea how the hell it works? 99% of you. This is a two part thread: 1) How to Find dwGetAllClasses 2) How to write a netvar manager Netvars are actually these objects named RecvProp, these contain the offsets for each networked class. The offset...
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