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  1. M

    Source Code Netvar code dumper and TF2 example

    ValveGen wasn't working out, so i made a thing. This is a very low effort post, but the result might be useful to others. So i thought to post this here anyways. For this guide i assume Video Tutorial - How to Find dwGetAllClasses & Netvar Manager has been grokked. The code generator uses the...
  2. Rake

    Video Tutorial How to Find CSGO NetVar Offsets Hacking Tutorial Ida Pro

    Really not much to talk about here, finding netvar offsets is in CSGO is easy. Same idea in CSS also. The Start Here Guide: Guide - START HERE Beginners Guide to Learning Game Hacking The Previous Trainer tutorial: Video Tutorial - How to Hack Any Game Tutorial C++ External Trainer "Part 2"...
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