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  1. obdr

    Source Code AssaultCube Hack (Internal) - Aimbot, Triggerbot, ESP & more

    For the past 10 days, I've been making an AssaultCube multihack. Though I messed with it before, I never went so deep as I did this time. This hack was made close to the AssaultCube source code, and has some of its files included on it. I think this is by far my best hack as of now, as it has a...
  2. obdr

    Source Code Half-Life: Source Multihack

    I spend some days reversing this game and then just used everything I got to make this multihack. I'm looking forward to adding new features to this multihack and reverse as much of it as I can. Anyways, here's some info about it: [Features] ESP Snaplines (+Settings) ESP Name (+Settings) ESP...
  3. PwndDepot

    Source Code AssaultPubes - AssaultCube MultiHack

    I know theres like a million of these but figured i'd post mine since it has been like years since I posted anything lol. Have a million unfinished projects so figured I would work on one. Mine is pretty basic, uses imgui as a menu and features basic hacks. The no recoil hack I made works only...
  4. iPower

    Source Code IronSight Cheats - Ironsight Internal Multi Hack

    Sup guys! Me and my friends have decided to make our Ironsight cheat public because we're done with this game. Ironsight is a first person shooter taking place in the future, where soldieres fight over natural resources with both nation state armed forces and private security forces. With...
  5. Icew0lf

    Download Fallout 4 Multi Hack - Aimbot - ESP & More

    Fallout 4 is an action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. Its the fourth game in the Fallout game series and is available across all major games consoles. This Fallout 4 cheat thread provides a download which contains an aimbot, an ESP and more. Fallout takes place in the...
  6. Icew0lf

    Download NUMINEX - A SkyrimSE Multihack

    Use in windowmode. Its an Internal with external overlay [Insert] = Show/Hide the menu Item Spawner Pick a category, item & amount. Spawn the item directly to your inventory Character Editor Edit Character Mainstats (Health, Stamina & Magicka) Edit Character Skills (20+...
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