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  1. T

    Question Calling Mono functions from C++ Hook by name

    Hi all, So I have this IL2CPP game that I have the function names of. Currently I'm using ASI Hook to edit the game functions and call them to my will. However the game updated today, and as expected, all addresses have changed. In Cheat Engine I can go to Mono -> Dissect Mono and it will load...
  2. dretax

    Tutorial How I made AppDomains work in a custom mono build C# side (Unload C# dlls, UnityEngine project)

    I used to struggle a lot in the days where I was unable to unload a C# dll from mono, as the AppDomain was never implemented. mono/mono My original project that used this is discontinued, and I want to share how I managed to unload C# dlls in mono that I spent time on researching. Using this...
  3. Truth

    Tutorial How to Hack Unity Games using Mono Injection Tutorial

    Hello all Here is my first tutorial I hope it is useful! Any reasonable questions are welcome! :) This is part of a series on Unity, here are the other threads: Guide - Unity Game Hacking Guide & Tutorials Guided Hacking DLL Mono Injector I thought I would create a Unity DLL hack tutorial...
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