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  1. leBronGaymes

    Source Code Metin 2 Hack - Farmbot for Rubinum 2 Pserver

    Hey GH, Since I'm releasing stuff, here is my Metin 2 hack which is a farmbotfor the private server rubinum 2. This has been the biggest hack I ever worked on, but it was hella fun. (Since the source code is leaked, which makes your life pretty easy) Metin 2 is yet another PC based MMO...
  2. N

    Question Metin2 Hooking Direct3DCreate8 - Converting to Dx9 - Implementing ImGui

    Hi Everyone, First of all sorry for taking your precious time! My Goal: I would like to display ImGui in a game that uses D3d8 without hijacking d3d8.dll. What i have working so far: I have a hijacked d3d8.dll which does 3 things. 1.Trampolines Direct3DCreate8 to Hook_Direct3DCreate8...
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