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  1. m0rty

    Source Code Use NtProtectVirtualMemory and call it easily

    Firstly, I made a small helper class to tidy up code when using VirtualProtect. Basically when you instantiate it, it will set the protection to what you want, then at the end of scope when it's destructor is called it will restore the original protection flag. Very simple but it makes your code...
  2. S

    Solved Kernel read memory: Stack cookie instrumentation code detected a stack-based buffer overrun

    Hello, so recently, I have decided to get into the Kernel side of things for my CSGO ESP. I've been following the kernel driver tutorial on this website (guided hacking) to build my kernel driver. Everything seems to be working on my driver side but when trying to connect my driver with my...
  3. xNyu

    Solved Find class structures in memory with Ghidra and debugger?

    Hey guys, I struggle with finding class structures I see in Ghidra, in my actual debugger. The attached image are examples in Ghidra. I see a lot of those interesting titles (Lables, Classes, Namespaces...) and I want to find and read them. For example, finding the "Scene"-thingi in...
  4. A

    Solved How to Deduct New Offsets after game update

    Hello all ! Well I was happy developing new functions for the fork I ve made of a game hack using Imgui ... I have basics on C# and Cpp and had a sucess ... well everything stoped when steam updated the game ... only a 36MB update but hack stoped working. Of course I know its because the...
  5. X

    Solved Memory hacking on a Java game ?

    Hello there, I'm trying to memory hack for Minecraft but actually I would like to know how to do that on any Java game (but I would prefer Minecraft lmfao) so I did some trials and errors, it seems like pointer scanning isn't a thing here, and addy to offsets are constantly changing and being...
  6. J

    Question Byte Array Memory Issues

    Okay, so I'm using the following code to hook into a DirectX 11 game: Source Code - D3D11 Barebones hook PoC Hooking in to the game works just fine. The game in question in s Crysis 2. I made some changes and removed the code used for rendering a triangle on screen. I added my own code. I'm...
  7. obdr

    Source Code Memory Lib for Windows and Linux (C/C++, x86/x64)

    I made a new, C compatible version of the Memory lib. I called it 'libmem'. Honestly, the thing that probably took more time to code was 'mem_string_t', my version of the std::string, as I already had previous knowledge from the old Memory Lib. Repository: rdbo/libmem Compatibility: Windows...
  8. Rtak

    Question kernel/user communication by shared memory and execution context

    Hello, I am trying to implement a way to communicate with a manually mapped driver, that has a custom entry point, so no driver object/device. From what I read the best way would be implementing the communication with shared memory or hooks. There is many ways to implement both and I am...
  9. Nomade

    Source Code Memory Library - MemEx & MemIn

    Code development migrated to Source Code - set of single-header libraries for C/C++ I promise this is my last thread about memory libraries :p. A while back I made a thread about another memory library(it's used externally and does heavy use of shellcode), I consider it not suited for real world...
  10. Revester

    Solved What memory library to use(C#) and what to do?

    I know about 2 memory libraries for C#: I've been using memory.dll but it's super inconsistent: its variable names are confusing. Sometimes you have to pass UIntPtr and sometimes - string values to indicate that you...
  11. F

    Solved Updating a set of values

    I'm making a memory scanner, and I was wondering kind of how exactly I should update the values as they change; similar to Cheat Engine. As depeding on how many matches it finds for a certain number it can get to a very large one, e.g. if looking for an 8 bit value in a huge program there will...
  12. F

    Solved Validating scanned addresses

    I'm currently writing a memory scanner for linux since there's not any good cheat engine alternatives currently (scanmem doesn't have pointer scanning and PINCE doesn't support it yet). But I was wondering how exactly do you know that if you're looking for e.g. "3" that it actually is correct...
  13. A

    Solved How to find offsets with Signatures

    Hey guys i have a question. i got some signatures from fortnite. How do i find offsets with them? uworld: 48 89 05 ? ? ? ? e8 ? ? ? ? 48 8b 93 FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe+xxxxxxx camloc: F3 44 0F 11 1D ? ? ? ? FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe+xxxxxxx
  14. Hype

    Solved [C#] How functions are stored in memory?

    If I create function as static, it will be always that only one in one place since function must be stored in memory. If I create it non-static in a class, and I create a lot of instances of this class like 1000, then there are 1000 copies of function in every class? I know it sounds stupid but...
  15. WiinnerMLG

    Source Code C# Trainner Class with Generic Methods

    Hello, Guided Hacking comunity! I'm here for share my C# trainner class I did while cheating CS:GO. The features of my class is: - Imports: - - WriteProcessMemory Function - - ReadProcessMemory Function - - GetKeyState Function (Used for get a KeyEvent) - - SetCursorPos Function (Used for...
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