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  1. _Kalu_

    Solved GH Injector Manual Mapping error 0x10100009

    Hi everyone, I got some troubles trying to inject a simple dll ( that does nothing special for now ), to cod mw. The problem is that every time i try to inject in this mode i get the error '0x10100009'. I've alredy searched in forum, already tried disabled fast boot, also from regedit, but the...
  2. Rtak

    Question Finished system thread detection inside mapped driver

    Hello, If we have a system thread that finished execution( it run some function, returned, handle is closed ) in driverEntry function of mapped driver, will it still leave traces. Since anticheats use PsLookupThreadByThreadId to brute force thread, i was concerned that even if the thread is...
  3. Rtak

    Question kernel/user communication by shared memory and execution context

    Hello, I am trying to implement a way to communicate with a manually mapped driver, that has a custom entry point, so no driver object/device. From what I read the best way would be implementing the communication with shared memory or hooks. There is many ways to implement both and I am...
  4. Rtak

    Solved Fixing imports in manually mapped driver

    While learning to manual map a driver, i came to the part where i have to fix the IAT. While in user land we would use LoadLibrary + GetProcAddress functions to get the addresses, in kernel we have to use other methods that do the same thing. I found two methods, both first relay on getting...
  5. A

    Solved Manual-Mapping with library

    I want to run my software which uses asio::boost library to do some stuff inside another process but whenever I try to manual map it, it crashes. When I use LoadLibrary it works though. What can I do to fix this? I've packed the library inside the dll with the /MT option which seems to be...
  6. Aspect

    Solved DLL Handle and manual Mapping with Polymorphic Code

    So I've been working on a polymorphic code engine inspired by Liduen. I finished it and was testing it with the guided hacking injector. Everything was working beautifully. So i decided to move it to my manual map injector. The manual map injector injects itself into discord, and then manually...
  7. D

    Solved ManualMap + Packer

    So i had writen my own MMap + SetThreadContex and it works fine except one moment as i want to Protect my Test DLL and inject it into a Test.exe the exe just crashes everytime doesent metter which Protect Profile settigs i have! So my question is how to Solve it? The way schould exist! Mb...
  8. eduardoroeder

    Solved Packing DLL into EXE and using it as manual mapping + internal function calling from external

    Hey guys, long time not posting here. I've got some points here which has to do with a game but they are basically C++ concepts. I've got this hack I'm developing that has the EXE and a DLL (both C++). I'm compiling both under the same Solution in VS, and each under their own Project. Lets call...
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