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  1. reptili0

    Solved Kernel driver unable to get process ID

    I am currently trying to learn how to develop in the kernel mode and I have been doing the tutorials on YouTube. So far I have found them very useful however for some reason I am not able to get the process id of either CSGO(csgo.exe) or TF2(hl2.exe). The attachment bellow is of a new kernel...
  2. _xeroxz

    Source Code Reverse Injector

    Reverse Injector injects a process into your context so you can read/write a processes memory by dereferencing. the process is now inside of your context, all memory including heap, and stack. This code uses PTM, which uses VDM. IDontCode / reverse-injector IDontCode / PTM IDontCode / VDM If...
  3. as21

    Solved Windows 7 Kernel Read Memory Problem

    Hello project i use No Problem with Writing but having Problems with Reading Note: For Windows 10 I Didn't Have Any Problems No Problems in Reading and Writing
  4. _xeroxz

    Source Code VDM (Vulnerable Driver Manipulation)

    Call kernel functions from usermode using any driver exposing physical memory read/write. This is what physmeme does except it uses map/unmap physical memory and that project was designed to map drivers, this is designed to call kernel functions. Its a library that you can build code on :)...
  5. _xeroxz

    Source Code Process specific driver mapper (nasa-mapper)

    WHAT? Map a driver not into the kernel but into usermode! (specifically the current context) (or whatever context you want)! This keeps your driver out of the kernels paging tables (and thus not globally mapped). This code inherits from nasa-tables which inherits code from physmeme :) I guess...
  6. I

    Solved user defined namespaces in kmdf

    solved many thanks
  7. S

    Solved Kernel read memory: Stack cookie instrumentation code detected a stack-based buffer overrun

    Hello, so recently, I have decided to get into the Kernel side of things for my CSGO ESP. I've been following the kernel driver tutorial on this website (guided hacking) to build my kernel driver. Everything seems to be working on my driver side but when trying to connect my driver with my...
  8. L

    Solved Loset's dumb ass kernel question thread

    In the spirit of dumbass questions (Sorry Rake 🙏 ), I want to understand better about defeating anti-cheats and game-hacking in kernel mode, seems as ring0 is probably the strongest tool to bypass anti-cheats. some background about myself, I'm a full stack developer (So web is my thing) But I...
  9. G

    Source Code Simple Externel Glow ESP (Kernel Mode)

    This is my first simple glow esp. Kernel mode memory read/writing, cheat working without user mode application. If u have your own EV code signing, it will work on faceit. (tested) <How to use?> 1. Build with Release 64bit. 2. "sc create CsgoGOTT binpath=C:\pathtosysfile\CsgoGOTT.sys...
  10. XdarionX

    Discuss How do you guys get in kernel?

    As the title says its just a simple question how people get into kernel. Every choice has its advantages and disadvantages - you can tell why you decided to do so.
  11. h4nsbr1x

    Source Code Basic intro to simplevisor and CPUID

    I'd forgotten how much I loved Microsoft's shitty dependency hell, so it took me literally 4 hours to get the WDK and DDK installed. Long story short, SimpleVisor will build fine in vs2019 but by default it'll use DDK 10.0 and you need to manually change this to whatever version of DDK you have...
  12. Rake

    Guide How to bypass EQU8 Anticheat

    EQU8 is a relatively new kernel anticheat used on several games, developed by a company named Int3 Software that has been around since 2016. Games that use EQU8 Anticheat Unannounced Dual Universe Splitgate: Arena Warfare Hide or Die Diabotical Totally Accurate Battlegrounds other undisclosed...
  13. _xeroxz

    Source Code Process specific kernel patches

    The kernel is mapped into every process. (Mapping means its memory is shared in every process). This usermode library allows you to patch the kernel only inside of your process (or another process). This is pretty advanced PoC and may not work on some windows versions/cpus. It works on my Intel...
  14. dretax

    Video Tutorial How to Write Memory from Kernel - MmCopyVirtualMemory Tutorial

    This is our third kernel tutorial, you will learn how to use MmCopyVirtualMemory which is the kernel equivalent of WriteProcessMemory. This is a 2 part video, this video "Kernel 3" will show you how to setup the kernel driver, the next video will be released shortly after this and show you the...
  15. D

    Solved Kernel MmCopyVirtualMemory always returns 0

    Hi I've been trying to read process memory with code below case IOCTL_READ_REQUEST: { PKERNEL_READ_REQUEST ReadInput = (PKERNEL_READ_REQUEST)Irp->AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer; PEPROCESS Process; if (NT_SUCCESS(PsLookupProcessByProcessId(ULongToHandle(0 /* <-- game pid*/), &Process)))...
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