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  1. as21

    Solved Windows 7 Kernel Read Memory Problem

    Hello project i use No Problem with Writing but having Problems with Reading Note: For Windows 10 I Didn't Have Any Problems No Problems in Reading and Writing
  2. Kuroyama

    Question Questions regarding EAC and Kernel Mode driver.

    So I have created my driver, it works fine (I use kdmapper). Right now it's not detected (yet), I can do some pointer read/write operations using MmCopyVirtualMemory. But there is something I'm concern of. Questions: 1.Can EAC detect my driver if I use kdmappper? 2. Can EAC detect my...
  3. S

    Tutorial Linux Kernel Module Tutorial: Hello World

    Hello! This is my first post, and first tutorial. This write-up will explain how to develop, compile and load your first Linux kernel module. Step 0: Prerequisites This tutorial assumes you are running Linux (duh.), and you have the Linux headers installed. (linux-headers for Arch) You should...
  4. M

    Solved MmCopyVirtualMemory fails with STATUS_PARTIAL_COPY when working with memory of 64-bit process

    I've been developing a kernel mode driver that would allow me to copy arbitrary sections of memory between processes using the MmCopyVirtualMemory function. The user-mode program would call the driver passing source and target PIDs as well as memory addresses and number of bytes to be copied...
  5. LsDevs

    Solved GH Cheat Engine DVBM problem

    Hi, I'm trying to use the kernel mode debugger but I got an error loading the driver with your version of CE (works fine with basic CE). I downloaded the source and I think the reason can be that replacing every "Cheat Engine" in a Hex Editor change also the "Cheat Engine" string in a Reg path...
  6. Rtak

    Solved Fixing imports in manually mapped driver

    While learning to manual map a driver, i came to the part where i have to fix the IAT. While in user land we would use LoadLibrary + GetProcAddress functions to get the addresses, in kernel we have to use other methods that do the same thing. I found two methods, both first relay on getting...
  7. lukaluka

    Discuss I cant detect this problem, confusing

    can you imagine, you write code, and you have checked that the code you wrote is correct, but in the manual map from x64 drive to x32 it doesn't work on 32 bit Windows, the code I made works well, so does Windows 64, but when injecting from a 64 bit driver to a 32 bit process there is an...
  8. lukaluka

    Question call dllmain shellcode not work from x64

    push ebx mov ebx, esp and esp, 0xfffffff0 ; Call DllMain mov ecx, 0x41414141 ; DLLHandle, set by PowerShell mov edx, 0x1 ; PROCESS_ATTACH mov eax, 0x0 ; NULL push eax push edx push ecx mov eax, 0x41414141 ; Address...
  9. NachoModding

    Solved C - Kernel Driver read .txt file

    Hey, I tried to read a text file with my kernel driver. But it´s not working. Does someone know how to read a simple .txt file with a kernel driver? Thank you for your help :)
  10. N

    Solved MmCopyVirtualMemory always returns STATUS_PARTIAL_COPY

    I'm not sure if anyone has experience with drivers and reading memory but, my situation is that MmCopyVirtualMemory almost always (%99 of the time) returns STATUS_PARTIAL_COPY. Every single time it fails. Unless I’ve disabled battle eye then it’ll work. I've tried so many different things...
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