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    Tutorial Hacking JavaScript Games with Hooks, Example:

    Javascript based games, something you certainly don't see everyday but Shell Shockers is worth a look. Shell Shockers is a egg-based FPS multiplayer shooter game. The game is based inside your browser and can be accessed by visiting, now it is a game based off of ones aiming...
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    Guide How to Hack Web Browser Games

    How to start hacking web-based games in your browser! I recommend learning javascript / having some programming knowledge. Note : This isn't a complete guide on hacking browser games, although this should help you on your path to hacking web games. Also, I am not an expert and am kinda talking...
  3. Xploit

    Discuss Construct2 HTML5 Hacking

    Hello GH Community.. Im unsure how many of you play with HTML5 Game Modification.. But im just now trying too figure out how C2 Works, I want to be able to take these games apart within minutes.. Any known keywords to search for? I Dont want to just go straight for Cheat Engine. I want to take...
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