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  1. X

    Solved Memory hacking on a Java game ?

    Hello there, I'm trying to memory hack for Minecraft but actually I would like to know how to do that on any Java game (but I would prefer Minecraft lmfao) so I did some trials and errors, it seems like pointer scanning isn't a thing here, and addy to offsets are constantly changing and being...
  2. O

    Solved Find Java Signature

    How do I search for a signature in a Java Minecraft process without injecting it in the process? Are there any signatures in Java at all?
  3. Rake

    Guide Hacking Non-Native Games such as Java Games

    Native vs Non-Native Games Games developed in C++ are compiled straight to assembly and are executed by your processor and your Operating System without much else needed. Assault Cube is a native game, CSGO is a native game the only difference is CSGO uses the Source Engine. Assault Cube uses...
  4. Erarnitox

    Source Code Java Hacking Library (+ example Hack)

    Hey, i made a library to make game hacking with java very easy to pick up and have also provided a fully featured example hack fo the game "Cube2:Sauerbraten". It comes with a Godmode for the Campaing, an Aimbot, ESP hack and what i personally like the most with a Rake Mode where all Faces are...
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