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  1. tappineapple

    Solved Can't change architecture of DLL?

    I have just finished the first internal hack tutorial and I am unable to inject my dll into assault cube. I believe it's because I am unable to change the architecture of the dll file. In the tutorial he has the option to change the architecture and start the debugger but on mine I don't see...
  2. _Kalu_

    Solved GH Injector Manual Mapping error 0x10100009

    Hi everyone, I got some troubles trying to inject a simple dll ( that does nothing special for now ), to cod mw. The problem is that every time i try to inject in this mode i get the error '0x10100009'. I've alredy searched in forum, already tried disabled fast boot, also from regedit, but the...
  3. as21

    Solved DLL WriteProcessMemory Is it possible to do?

    Hi I want to inject dll. But in a Byte. For example, I will convert dll to byte . I want to write to memory with the help of Dll WriteProcessMemory This is just a Question if I want something impossible :) I have reviewed many current injectors . write the location of dll to memory And run...
  4. as21

    Solved x64 Bit Injector x32 Bit Process Problem İnject

    Hello. I'm trying to do something. The code I use is as follows Main int main() { DWORD32 dwProcess; char myDLL[MAX_PATH]; GetFullPathName(DLL_NAME, MAX_PATH, myDLL, 0); dwProcess = Process("csgo.exe"); HANDLE hProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_CREATE_THREAD |...
  5. Kage

    Download Qt GH Injector

    I was planning to use Qt for my next project. Before that, I wanted to get familiar with Qt first and built the GH DLL Injector. I copied the original DLLs into the directory for simple use. There is no real reason to use this one!!! Link to Source, How to build, License...
  6. C

    Download Internal Skinchanger + Injector

    Henlo frens, because I wasn't active for a long time I just wanted to make a very small download release. A Potatochanger, basically a skinchanger, but without any customization. I have pre-defined skins for the most used weapons. I mainly post it here to send it to my other frens, but it's...
  7. alan00102

    Solved What is "GH Injector SWHEX"? and Inject method for vac?

    Hello, i was searching what "GH Injector SWHEX" was and how to use it but i couldn't find anything. is it like and injector with no gui? you give what you want it to do in commands? (i would like that cause it will be faster than opening injecting and closing) If it work that way, can i get...
  8. Z

    Solved Is there any obvious reason this does not work? Dll Injector with LoadLibrary

    So I am trying to inject a dll into MSPaint which makes a MessageBox pop up. Everything works till writing the dll path into the victim's memory. I can see the dll path in the memory with cheat engine. But somehow createremotethread seems to fail without returning 0. The dllmain does not get...
  9. Broihon

    Guided Hacking DLL Injector 3.3

    Best DLL Injector ever made :kappa: Download the dll injector via the "Download" link on the top right of the page, you must login first. GH Injector is only compatible with Windows 10 latest version, if your version is less than 1809 it will not work USE DEFAULT SETTINGS. DO NOT USE...
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