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  1. TelepathicFart

    Solved Target specific code injection

    Hello, I've been playing for a few month with injection, built a small mmo bot and some tools to help me with reversing, and I feel like working on something more advanced. Before I start I would like some advices, heads-up, ressources that could help me. Please don't forget that I'm still new...
  2. Rake

    Guided Hacking DLL Injector v3.3

    The GH Injector is the Best DLL Injector ever made :kappa: Injection Methods: LoadLibrary LdrLoadDll Stub Manual Mapping Launch Methods: NtCreateThreadEx Thread Hijacking SetWindowsHookEx QueueUserAPC The zip password is "guidedhacking" Download the GH injector via the "Download" link on...
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